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Takeout & delivery from the best local restaurants delivered safely to your door. This is a collection of Tibetan wall Hangings, and scrolls, This category includes, various products like, Tibetan Embroidery Thangka, Tibetan Scraf(khata), Tibetan Flags etc. Nepali besaar is sought after worldwide, particularly by the Japanese, and it is ardently promoted by the worldwide Nepali diaspora as “the best in the world”. Proudly created with ORDERS@NEPALISPICE.COM Since then however, there has been a continuous influx of peoples, bringing with them new recipes, traditions, and culinary preparations. Besaar (and turmeric) belong to the ginger family, they are perennial plants which grow in tropical climates, so Nepal, India and other South Asian countries are major producers. Bone-in goat cooked with spices in traditional Nepali style. Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices, served over bhat with tarkari vegetable curry. Chicken sizzler Nepalese Style $24. 2.49. Dal Tadka $9.99. Chitwaane Taas $13.99. At the Nepali Spice Company, our mission is to foster economic empowerment for Nepali women living in the U.S. and in Nepal while providing a high-quality unique experience for spice lovers worldwide. We offer ground turmeric, sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. served with a special bhooja. Please log-on to Spice Stories and submit your suggestions or spice stories. Although Nepal exports a large portion of its production volume of adhuwa, it is estimated that 99% of that amount is exported to India. Deep fried boiled chicken sauteed with ginger-garlic paste and authentic Nepali herbs and spices. Sides can include pickles, curried dishes, meat or fish, yoghurt, and chutney. From our versatile á la Carte list you can find a wide variety of delicacies from vegetarian, chicken, lamb, meat and fish dishes. Dhania (produced as a fruit) is dried and the seeds are ground into a powder. Perhaps the Nepalese have not been aware of all of the benefits of coriander fruit, but they excel in their many uses of the coriander leaf. Bun Chole (Amritsari) Amritsari Style Burger with Amritsari Chhole . PANEER PAKORA (8PCS) Cottage cheese mixed with vegetables fritters cooked in chickpea flour batter. In preparation of food, Nepalese people make extensive use of spices such as Elaichi is native to the Himalayan regions of Nepal and Sikkim and is a perennial cash crop often referred to as the “Queen of Spices”. APPETIZER (INDIAN) VEGETABLE SAMOSA (2PCS) Traditional pastries stuffed with potatoes, peas and light spices. It grows wild in immense quantities in in the Himalayan regions like Bajura and Myagdi where in season it is overly abundant. Adhuwa (the Nepali version of the rhizome of the Ginger plant) is used for both culinary and medicinal purposes. Terhathum, Palpa and Salyan are three districts in Nepal identified by the ODOP study of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) as the areas in Nepal best suited for adhuwa production. However a large volume of Nepal’s export is in the form of fresh cardamom sold to the Indian and Pakistani traders. Ginger is cultivated throughout the world, but Adhuwa, grown at higher altitudes in the Himalayan region, is said to have a distinct flavour and aroma. - See 407 traveler reviews, 55 candid photos, and great deals for Plymouth, UK, at Tripadvisor. Click here to learn more about Social Enterprises. As well as being used for culinary purposes, besaar is widely used as a medicinal ingredient in Ayurveda treatment. The Nepali Spice Company is also a certified Benefit Corporation, which is a traditional corporation with modified obligations committing it to higher standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency. In fact, after saffron and vanilla, cardamom is the third most expensive spice in the world. Nepali Style Chicken Fried $18. Probably the most common use of fresh cilantro in Nepal is for making chutney. Chitwaane Taas $13.99. The tandoori specialties and fresh naan breads are prepared in the Tandoori oven. Deep fried boiled lamb sauteed with ginger garlic paste and authentic Nepali herbs and spices. The spices mentioned in this article however are either unique to the Himalayan Republic, or they are uniquely prepared. Hot and spicy chicken chilli momo served either fried or steamed. Alas, the tree of paradise is harvested for firewood and the leaves and small branches are fed to the cows, goats, and buffalo. Naan(Bread) Plain Naan 2.49. Chicken Pakora 7.99. Every order earns points. It is a taste that Nepalese would reminisce about when they think about authentic food back in Nepal; a taste that takes you back home! cell phone cover case Samsung S5: Electronics In preparation of food, Nepalese people make extensive use of spices such as ginger, garlic, turmeric, coriander,  cilantro – the leaf of the coriander plant, pepper, timmur – a unique Himalayan pepper, cumin, chilies, and mustard. Daal Bhaat is a traditional Nepali meal which contains a steamed rice or … Get nepali chulo for delivery or pickup. Clay ovened Boneless chicken fillets marinated overnight in tandoori spices & served with mint sauce. They will also often add Jeera (cumin seeds) as an additional flavour. Cilantro is used as a spice, typically by chopping the leaves into fine pieces and sprinkling the pieces over prepared dishes like daal and curry. The Spice Journal learned from a (summer 2013) visit to the Jadi Buti Association in Nepalgunj, that JABAN traders export about 800 metric tonnes of timmur annually to India, however the local village farmers feel that the export potential for timmur is much greater. $6.95. Due to the increased demand in the international market and favorable climatic conditions, cardamom has become a major cash crop for farmers in the mid-hills over the last two decades. Accompaniments such as sliced lemon (kagati) or lime (nibua) and fresh chili peppers, known locally as khursani. The interesting mixtures of spices and their methods of preparation is unique to Nepal, handed down through generations. MOMO (Nepali Dish) Chicken or Veg. Due to farming restrictions in some of the higher regions of Nepal, rice is … An authentic Nepali restaurant. The variations of this dish are countless, but it is important when visiting to try at least one of them in order to get an authentic taste of Nepalese cuisine. There are probably many more unique-to-Nepal preparations of spicy foods that remain unpublished. Like dalchini, Kaulo grows wild throughout the Himalayan region along with, and among, the dalchini trees. Dalchini (also known as cinnamon) grows wild in the mid to high altitudes of Nepal. Surprise a loved one with a "Social Impact" box! Restaurant Everest Spice: Authentic Nepali food served with kindness - See 35 traveler reviews, 7 candid photos, and great deals for Kerava, Finland, at Tripadvisor. A few of the best known variations are as follows: Timmur is a “pepper” which grows wild in Nepal and is commonly thought to be a derivative of Sichuan pepper from China. Besaar has been used as an antiseptic from ancient times and has great healing power when it is applied as an ointment on cuts, wounds, and burns. Order food delivery and take out online from Spice of Nepal (13486 72 Ave, Surrey, BC, Canada). Make delicious authentic Nepali dishes & put food on their table. We offers wide range of Nepalese Himalayan clothing like Bohemian Hoodies, Nepalese traditional clothing, Hippie Patchwork Products, Patch Harem Pants, Boho Stripe Skirt, Patch Stonewashed Jacket, Pixie Hooded Hippie Jacket on wholesale price. The Spice of Nepal Restaurant was born in the year 2013 at Cloverdale BC. Served with rice. For information on other spices in Nepal, please see “About Spice”, click here. Our spices are grown from women in Nepal. 13.99. And you can add a special message! Accordingly distillation of the adhuwa rhizome into oil may someday become a profitable alternative to the export of fresh adhuwa. Aromatic and deeply flavoured, Himalayan cuisine where you can feel and experience the fresh ingredients, heady spices, and vibrant colors. Goat with spinach cooked with Himalayan Flavor’s spices. PAPRI CHAT. Tandoori momo are made with Tandoori gravy inside the Todoor oven. Traditional spices in local shop, Kathmandu, Nepal. Spices in Nepali cuisines are not just used for the exquisite flavors but also for the nutrition, medicinal value, aesthetics, texture, freshness, and heat. Mixed beans stew made with Himalayan spices. It is grown and widely used in Nepal as flavoring for the preparation of daal and curries. The Spice Journal team was surprised to learn that cinnamon trees grow wild in Nepal, so we inquired about dalchini from Dr Prasad Paudyal, Senior Scientist at the Nepal Agriculture Research Council. One Nepali connoisseur of sel-roti emphatically told The Spice Journal team that “we cannot make sel-roti without dalchini”. Served with Tamarind chutney . It is used in many different cuisines to add flavor and pungency to dishes, including Tex-Mex, Indian, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. Select. We offer ground chili powder, sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. These things are nutty, peppery, and provide a familiar warmth that underlies a LOT of Indian dishes. Considering that timmur has exceptional medicinal qualities, and is potentially a spice for use in the production of essential oils, villagers in Nepal are of the opinion that there is a significantly larger export market for timmur than JABAN is aware of, and the market would be better addressed in the form of essential oils distilled from timmur. Next dish on our Must-have list. Newari Khaja, also known as ‘Newari Bhoye’ and ‘Samai Baji’ is an ethnic food of the Newar community. Kukhura Ko Maasu -Traditional Nepali Chicken Curry - $21.95. We partnered with Stroopies Lancaster to create a social impact box. Served with traditional MoMo achar. Proudly created with. Served Fresh Daily. It is a key ingredient in curry and other southern Asian cuisines. The spices and Stroopies are made by refugees in Lancaster & Nepal. Herbs and spices are used frequently in Polish cooking, but some are used more frequently than others. We are the manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Expoter of tibetan wall hangings. Akhbare Khursani (also known as round chilli) is one of the hottest spices in the world. Every order earns points. It is previous located at 5737 176th St Surrey, BC V3S 4C9. If you are going to start anywhere with Indian spices, start with cumin seeds. The use of besaar helps in digestion of food and it also reduces high cholesterol levels. All the spices and proportions are from the secret recipe that originated by improvising the traditional recipe over several years. Garlic can add flavor to any dish and is used extensively in cooking such as meat, vegetables, soups, stews, roasts, stirfrys, stuffings, salad dressings, etc. View the menu from Masala Authentic Indian & Nepali on 1127 BROADWAY in SOMERVILLE and order for delivery or takeout online or in the app. Usual condiments include extremely spicy chutney, either made from fresh ingredients, or any one of an array of fermented pickles. In Nepal approximately 4325 hectares of arable land is dedicated to growing besaar resulting in an annual production of approximately 35,500 metric tonnes. Throughout Nepal there are approximately 20,000 hectares of arable land dedicated to growing adhuwa, resulting in annual production of about 255,000 metric tonnes. Traditional Nepalese Cuisine ... Norwood Spice has some amazing Nepali and Indian food that adds a lot to the Norwood area restaurant choices. Popular Nepali curry made with bamboo shoots, black-eyed peas, and potatoes. Served with traditional MoMo achar. Barramundi slowly cooked in traditional Nepali spices with subtle hints of ginger, garlic, curry leaves and coriander, all blended to create a home-style Himalayan fish curry . Nepali Mutton Curry – Khasi Ko Masu. With … Turmeric also contains special medicinal value and is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for many conditions, such as asthma, rheumatologic conditions, pain, and fatigue. Himalayan Spice: Authentic Nepali food - See 54 traveler reviews, 3 candid photos, and great deals for Atlanta, GA, at Tripadvisor. Hot and spicy chicken chilli momo served either fried or steamed. Aromatic and deeply flavoured, Himalayan cuisine where you can feel and experience the fresh ingredients, heady spices, and vibrant colors. Influenced by the state-of-the-art Indian dish jalebi, the jeri is made of all-purpose flour, gram flour, saffron and/or turmeric, and some customized flavorings, and is finally dipped in simple sugar or jaggery syrup. It is used as a spice in a wide variety of foods, particularly with meat or chicken. In fact turmeric, a close kin of besaar, is imported to meet the bulk of day to day consumption in Nepal. Besaar is not generally cultivated in Nepal as a cash crop, but many people in villages grow it for their daily consumption. Timmur can be found throughout the higher altitudes of Nepal and though it bears similarity to black peppercorns, it is not actually of the pepper family; it is the dried berry of a tree belonging to the prickly ash. Dhania (also known as Coriander) is abundantly grown throughout Nepal in home gardens, and also produced in commercial quantities, primarily for the domestic market. Select. Besaar (the Nepali variety of turmeric) is grown in higher altitudes of the Himalayan region, and like Adhuwa it is said to have a unique richness of flavor and aroma compared to turmeric cultivated elsewhere. $9.99. - Bhuteko alu [Nepali home fries] - Chicken chili - Pakayeko golbhedako achar [cooked tomato chutney] - Pork momo, Nepalese style pork dumplings. MENU. Nepali spice market - display of commonly used spices - cumin, coriander, fenugreek seeds, black pepper, pink Himalayan salt, packaged spices, turmeric, red and green chilies, garlic and fresh ginger, and onions. Besaar ointment is also used to treat chicken pox and small pox. Cilantro is also cooked as a Nepali saag (like spinach) and served as a Tarkari (vegetable). Click here to learn more about Benefit Corporations. The doughnut shaped sel-roti is deep fried and usually served hot for special occasions. We are the manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Expoter of tibetan tingsha. I greatly appreciate your support! Chilly Chicken/Veggie Momo (8 Pcs) 10. Garlic is often used as a dietary supplement for ailments such as high blood cholesterol and blood pressure, the common cold, and as a preventative approach to preventing cancer and other diseases We offer ground garlic, sourced from the Himalayan foothills of Nepal.

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