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best freshwater fish for beginners

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Mollies are enduring fish that have a diversified habitat and temperature ranges. For your first setup, go for a pre-spooled, pre-assembled rod and reel combo. They’re a peaceful community fish that get along with like-sized fish. You need to be careful about putting Bettas with other colorful fish, or fish with long fins, as they may mistake the other fish for a male Betta and try to fight with it. Plus, they’re active swimmers. It’s a fish that will help branch your knowledge off into areas of fish keeping you may not have thought of. Best fish for 20 gallon tank For all beginners in the fish keeping scene, the common advice as it ... Celestial Pearl Danio is a freshwater fish found in small ponds in South East Asia. They tend to crowd native fish populations, consuming the foods other fish rely on and kick up sediment and muck in waters they inhabit, promoting harmful algae blooms. I am going to have to disagree with you on that. They aren’t the staple of beginner-friendly fish, but if you house them alone in certain configurations, you’ll have no issues with aggressivity towards other fish. Neon Tetras are omnivores, so their diets include a variety of foods like small granules, fine flake food, live foods, frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, live or frozen daphnia or brine shrimp. Even Goldfish are a bad companion for Minnows, despite sometimes being sold as companion due to their preference for the same water temperature. They will eat any left over food and other special sinking foods (sinking pellets and frozen blood worms). Hey Billy, The Best Beginner Fish For Freshwater Aquariums. These friendly and sociable fish thrive in schools of half a dozen or more. Danios are fish that like to be kept in groups of 5-6, but I wouldn’t put that many in a 10 gallon tank. you could put a betta with other fishes (like fancy goldfishes and other non-aggressive fishes) with them? A 1000 to 3000 size spinning reel affixed to a 7-foot medium action rod is a great setup to learn with. Goldfish come in all different sizes and colors. Cory catfish are a lot of fish-keepers favorites because of their hardyness. Goldfish. They like densely planted aquariums, but don’t keep them in overcrowded aquariums as they will become more aggressive. Some fish will require very specific conditions which can be hard to achieve – or more often, hard to maintain. Keep their diet varied to minimize any susceptibility to diseases. Others may be delicate, need a specific pH value, or need to be fed a specific diet. The salt levels may not be suitable for other fish. They are peaceful fish that prefer living in schools of at least 6, but more is merrier if you have enough space to accommodate a larger school. Yes. The best thing about them is that they’re not picky eaters. Diet wise, guppies are easy to feed. They are quite active and love swimming around. They like to take issue with fish that have long flowing fins like guppies, angelfish and bettas. Mixing two different types of fish that need different water temperatures can cause your fish to be under a lot of stress. To breed angelfish, you must ensure a healthy diet and you often must set up a breeding tank to keep male and female angelfish together. You absolutely cannot mix Goldfish and Bettas! Choosing a mixture of fish that require different needs may be a huge problem. Kuhli Loach. Thank you for your suggestion. In some areas, they’re regarded as an invasive species due to their high fertility, but their contribution to mosquito control and mosquito-borne disease control is undeniable. One male betta and a dozen plan colored tetras or danios works fine, but having an aggressive male scares schooling fish, so if you’re going to have them together, make sure there is enough room for everyone. Best Freshwater Aquarium Plants for Beginners, photo by Brandy Dopkins. Other color options have been achieved with artificial dyes, but I advise you against buying these specimens (usually pastel-colored) because they’re prone to diseases and the artificial coloring process is stressful to the fish to the point where it can shorten their lifespan. There are very little negative comments I … These fish boasts plenty of color from the white pearl-like spots on their sides to the red coloration on the fins. Yes they are also known as fighting fish. Freshwater fishing gear for beginners Rod and reel. They are able to handle different types of water conditions and can enjoy a couple fish flakes here and there. “They do well with peaceful, friendly, and dull-colored fish.’ I do agree that they do not do well with very colorful fish. Hey Billy, The Zebra Danio is one of the best freshwater fish for beginners as it’s stunningly exotic looking but with minimal care requirements. Platies. Neon Tetra. Guppy. Avoid keeping the rasboras with large predatory fish that will mistake them for their meal. Cichlid are territorial plus they may nip the fins of more mellow fish, so you must observe a few rules when you pair them with other fish. Rasboras. Keep up the good work, Bob. Here’s a list that encompasses essential freshwater fishing equipment for beginners. All Rights Reserved. Pearl Danios are the larger species of danios but are probably the most hardy of them all. The goldfish is probably the number one bought cold water fish today. They’re not schooling fish, but they do live in groups, so it’s best to keep them in groups of five. Because they have a short lifespan, they’re more prolific breeders if they’re under a year old. Disclosure: I may earn a commission when you purchase through my affiliate links. 5 Best Freshwater Beginner Fish: Not every fish has the same level of tolerance. Swordtail fish are not picky eaters, they’ll munch on pretty much anything you’ll offer – flake food, brine shrimp, fruit flies, daphnia, bloodworms, mosquito larvae and herbivorous food. They’re a suitable choice for a beginner aquarist, but don’t pair them with larger fish or aggressive fish because they will feast on your White Cloud Minnows. Because you’re still learning the ins and outs of fish-keeping, you’re bound to make mistakes, and sometimes your mistakes may cost the lives of your fish. They might not be that big, but they sure will take up all the room you give them. They’ll also eat frozen and freeze-dried food. – read more. One downfall that mollies may have may be the way some live. If you’re looking to buy guppy fish as a beginner, go for the simplest multi-colored guppy fish. Mollies do great in community tanks. They enjoy poking around for food in the bottom of the tank, but you do have to ensure they have access to other food as well, not just leftovers at the bottom of the tank. When creating a community, make sure to pick tankmates that are non-aggressive and friendly. When starting out your tank, you should choose the type of aquarium you would like to set up first (cold water or warm water).

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