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Nonetheless, what can’t be denied, is that non-superwash wool does not go through this process. “To Be or Not To Be a Hypocrite: American Superwash Wool.”. Rowan Pure Wool Superwash Worsted is the ultimate "work-horse" yarn! Silk is wonderful, although slippery to knit with. The superwash process also makes the yarn that is slightly softer. Cascade Yarn 220 Superwash Sport is a machine-washable Merino wool that's perfect for any project that calls for a lighter weight yarn. That being said, you can’t just toss a pair of superwash wool socks into a very hot, super-aggressive load of laundry and expect things to turn out just fine. And yes, dearies, there is always silk, and then linen, bamboo, cotton, hemp and other scrumptious fibers. Since it's washable, it's great for baby projects!Love 220 Superwash Sport? She also mentioned how it squeaks when knitted, and how it stretches out. Knit it too loosely, & yes, it will stretch. Raíz by Amores Yarn Studio is dyed just for us in a palette of harmonious contrasts. The people who try to tell you merino wool is super soft are probably the same ones who tell you so-and-so veggie burger tastes exactly like real beef. I was wondering the same… Gonna have to get myself some and find out…. This yarn does it all from baby blankets, every-day clothes, tough wearing kids' clothes, and also an incredible choice for afghans. Thank you! Thank you for this insight into super wash wool. When the yarn hits the water all of my beautiful knitting goes limp like a tired toddler asked to pick up toys (shrieking, optional). Jill thank you for a great lesson. Here are some helpful tips when washing 220 Superwash®: They’re cruelty-free, durable fibres that can certainly withstand a more vigorous washing than natural wool. And of course there are many alternatives to wool too. Garments made with alpaca wool eventually will show some pilling, especially where there is a lot of friction, like underneath the armpits. But, there’s a lot more to consider than just this, so read on to get a lot of info on yarn and its care. It is the perfect combination of affordability, quality and versatility that can be used for a wide range of projects. Experienced knitters know that using the right needle size can mean the difference between a well-fitting and overly large sweater. What is the best option? How it’s processed makes a big difference in how the skin reacts to it. A long time ago I only knitted with acrylic. The yarn cannot be trusted over that weight of fitted fabric. Share on Social. Alpaca is supposed to be hypoallergenic as compared to sheep’s wool as it doesn’t have the lanolin sheep’s wool has. Organic cotton and linen are MY current favorites. I also worry about the enviromental impact – though some company’s use “eco methods” (though I don’t know enough about the process to feel confident about it). Imagine a game of Red Rover where the defending team stands shoulder to shoulder, but doesn’t hold hands. It would be great if you would publish an article on how to block/resize superwash. However, as I mentioned, superwash is a controversial topic in the knitting community. When I study a yarn, I look and touch first, then I swatch. The stuff is just no longer “wool” as you do well describe. At the same time, we can buy non-s/w wool that has been raised locally or at least in the US. Pilling is preventable! But with a bit of a dull knit, variegated thread adds spark. (Ashley from the Woolful podcast wrote a post summarizing her research on superwash, including finding the patent for Hercosett 126, which dates from the 1950s.). Local customers may select the Pickup option when placing orders online. Some people love the feel of a “wooly-wool” and others can despise them (and the way they smell when wet). Try to find projects that were made with the type of yarn you’ll be using (or similar). Been knitting for 45 years and I didn’t know this. Rarely does fresh superwash yarn look fuzzy. Fiddling with the scales on the fibers in the superwash process affects how the fiber behaves. What makes superwash yarns both super and washable is the removal and/or suppression of the tiny scales that cover each individual fiber. A compromise for the sake of convenience. My friend in the photo is holding two damp swatches. the wool itself does not come from China, but because of the rules of international trade its country of origin is listed as China if it has been spun, dyed, or superwash treated there. The one on the right is knit to the gauge suggested by the ballband (4.5 stitches to the inch) and the one on the left just slightly looser (4.25 stitches to the inch). Is there any “best” way for changing threads (eg Russian join, knot) in superwash? I also seem to have trouble with alpaca. The yarn compresses since some of the structure is missing. Superwash -- superwashing -- is treating wool chemically so that it can be machine washed without fear of shrinkage, like a towel, etc. Do you use or shun superwash wool? Love this environmently friendly wash cloth idea. Is Merino Wool Yarn Itchy? Yes, you need to make sure you are picking up the thread as you knit, but it has not seemed a problem. I too fell to the color and washability. My next sweater is going to have colorwork and all three skeins are superwash. Have you noticed that superwash yarns are grand and glorious, but they don’t really act the same as non-superwash yarns? Alternatives to Superwash. Pictured above are three superwash merino yarns, from the top: Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio Sock (shade: Hampden), Malabrigo Rios (shade: Apple Green), and Fiberstory Core Bulky (shade: Flutter). Most knitters who are not allergic or sensitive to wool love using that natural fiber for warmth, springiness, and great wearing in garments. N.B. Purses, clothing patches, jackets, even pillows. I will research that before buying. No one will be surprised that my gauge is different with superwash yarn. These altered scales can make the yarn and its resulting fabric  a little tricky. I’m very pleased with the results, but I will only be wearing the cardigan over a shirt. Mechanism of felting shrinkage of wool (Hassan & Carr 2019) There are two ways to prevent felting from happening. I don’t use wool for things I knit for my grandchildren due to allergic-type reactions + the machine-washing issue, but have never used superwash because I’d read about the non-elastic problem and the stretching. Not cashmere, soft as it is, not bunny. Superwash wool refers to a type of yarn that has been treated to prevent felting and therefore is machine-washable. Now, I am new to blocking and try to do it right but I now have a sweater I can’t wear. Oh wow how serendipitous this post was!!!! When it comes to most sweater knitting I love a non-superwash wool if you/the recipient can handle the feel of it. The defensive line is not as structurally sound. I am looking for a yarn for a sweater pattern. Felting is a natural but sometimes unwanted property of the wool fiber. Having tested allergic to everything with fur or feathers, wool and hair included, I can nonetheless wear high quality merino next to my skin. Superwash producers use a chlorinated gas to erode the scales from the fiber strands. Please let us know about them. Reason #3: Curly fibre. Specially the hats I don’t wet block because I don’t want them to get huge. I am sure some of you out there have chemistry backgrounds and can share suggestions that would make reading yarn labels easier. (And, as a plant comparison, linen is a general no-no for me for the same reason. The superwash treatment makes the wool easier to wash, and it also keeps the yarn from expanding or blooming as much as it would in its natural state when wet finished. Depending on your personal tolerance for plastic, you may decide that superwash wool is not something that you are interested in buying. Same here. I’ve learned to be extra careful wet blocking superwash garments, and I expect them to take a little longer to dry because of the density of the yarn. would that include colorwork issues? Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted Superwash Yarn - This amazing 100 percent superwash wool comes in a vast variety of colors and has a soft feel that makes it ideal for hats, sweaters and baby garments! I’m not sure if wearing it next to my bare back/stomach would cause a flare up. Having some or all of the scales altered decreases the elasticity a bit, so it’s got extra drape. haven’t been able to for a long time. I first heard about superwash wool in the podcast. However, it does so to a lesser extent than other types of wool. The good news here is that merino wool sweaters are not only easy to find but also available in a range of styles and price points. In this article, I’m going to attempt to outline what superwash woollen yarn is in a factual manner. The color of superwash yarn can be concentrated and much brighter than the same color on a non-superwash yarn of the same breed/blend. Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted Superwash Yarn is available now at Jimmy Beans Wool with Free U.S. Flat Rate shipping for orders over $75, $5 U.S. Flat Rate shipping on all other orders! A wool may or may not note that it's superwash, but if it says it's machine washable, you know that it must be! My local shepherdess ( who is biased ) told me about superwash, and why she doesn’t like it. It feels heavy for merino yarn, but it’s a languorous heft. Jillian Moreno spins, knits and weaves just so she can touch all of the fibers. What do you look for if you don’t want yarn to pill? Superwash yarns remind me of my neighbor’s cat: beautiful, and when you pet her in exactly the right place she happily purrs. I think for those of us who mostly buy online, that’s especially potent — it’s hard to appreciate subtle colors online. Knit a Norwegian sweater for son 2 years ago. Superwash treatment is used to prevent wool from felting in the washing machine. Sleeves and body lengthened by 4 (!) Sock yarn makers often blend superwash with a bit of nylon to add even more toughness. My biggest complaint about the fibers I can use is that they tend not to have much spring in them. They are as seductive as an ice cream van jingling its song up your street on a hot day. Sigh. It’s not even cotton. I don't notice any difference from regular wool. What an interesting article! These days, pretty much anything I knit will pill and I have used a great variety of brands including chain yarn. And don’t discount cottons. The most common way to create a superwash yarn is to remove the scales and then coat the yarn to smooth it (more about this process in an upcoming post). It makes me nervous to think of extra drape ‘releasing’ the ends….. So… beautiful as the yarn looks, I’m a non-superwash-lover ! When I washed and “blocked” I was furious. I do not care about washability, but it is more likely to be next to skin soft. I always need to have a good woolly project going at the same time to cleanse my pallet after all the slickness of the superwash. Bamboo also. A lot of us are switching over to warm-weather yarns now, many of which are much less prone to pilling that cool-weather favorites such as wool and alpaca. I have heard people complain that cotton is stiff or hurts their hands, but the ones I’ve used don’t really bother me. My daughter and son-in-law are both too busy to be handwashing garments, but they ALL love it when I knit for them. It’s the Superwash! Does not need to be wound off. Basically, wool has something called scales that pop out whenever wool gets wet. The cable swatch in the photo is knit with bulky yarn, with many plies, at the gauge suggested by the ballband. Isn’t there a test you can do with yarn samples that will identify plastic coatings on yarn, a burn test? Trying to decide if that is a big mistake. It feels dense and squishy. The hand is how a knitted fabric feels. Superwash wool was the answer to our desire to machine wash and dry our knits. Here it can also come down to several factors. The scales are removed via a chemical process, not mechanical. Why does wool pilling occur? If I go inside wearing it, I break out in a sweat immediately – and moisture does not get wicked away like with non-superwash. My only guess is that as a breed merino was isolated a long time ago and is just…different. A beautiful sweater that was truly warm — without making me sweaty — was pretty elusive. Maybe you’ve heard that superwash wool is toxic and should be avoided at all costs. Similarly, a medium-high wool content and an admonition to handwash only in cool water means that yarn will probably felt if you encourage it. These harsh chemicals and pollutants are therefore avoided. I love super wash yarns – some of the best ones feel like cotton without the stiffness. Thanks. I encourage you to read up about it and make the decision based on your personal preferences. Sign up for our weekly newsletter full of MDK fun, and you'll save 10% on your next order. On subsequent washings, for my own superwash sweaters, I've just tossed in the dryer (or, from now on with the one that was not-so-washable-as-I-thought, will lay flat).

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