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The solution provides assistance during their post hospitalization and rehabilitation period. We mainly use Basecamp and Asana. Conducted a detailed study of the proposed architecture and the product/ solution road map in collaboration with the client’s IT, team, Recommended a set of tools/ frameworks to be integrated into the DevOps environment to be followed by all participating organizations. After a successful discovery phase, we engage them to build out our MVP. The Group currently specializes on two main business areas: Baby care and Health care products; and had a turnover of €1442 million in 2016. The users can also opt to receive invites & promotions from interested businesses and save deals that give savings at local bars, restaurants, etc. The solution provides an easier and more effective way for patients and caregivers to communicate to each other (hospital staff, home healthcare agencies etc.) transcript. Experion Technologies missed the mark on the first version but ultimately delivered an appealing second version that was met with a positive response from key stakeholders and board members. After a challenging start, Experion Technologies is completing sprints at an impressively fast pace. The application also provides an option for end users to make appointments with healthcare providers using the mobile client. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to make our partnership work. Option for a buyer to submit a bid online. Inc 5000 has featured Experion Technologies in the Inc 5000 rankings, not once, not twice but thrice in a row, making Experion one of the fastest-growing companies in the US from 2018 through 2020. […]. The application is interfaced with the client's enterprise accounting and invoicing application. Since they wanted to appease us, they went along with it. I have one main point of contact. Despite the time difference, the team is communicative and accessible, and they leverage their expertise to provide valuable guidance. Our general experience has been very favorable, which is why we continue to use their services. Within a week of our first meeting, they had a team in our home office for a little over a week to do a deep dive into the program, what had been done, and what we wanted to accomplish. Customers report a more enjoyable user experience. I found them on Clutch. We expected spectacular graphics, but, so far, they haven’t been. They were happy with them, so we shortlisted them. March 11, 2020. The recurring order feature allows us to lock-in orders for up to a year, driving top-line growth and greater revenue streams. I started looking at companies and narrowed it down by the specific industry. They could improve their graphic design and depiction of data sets graphically. Although the time difference can be difficult, they’re great at being available and exceeding expectations. Inspections defined using pre-configured questions and assigned to inspectors, Allows the inspector to take notes and photos as part of an inspection, Option to track incomplete inspections and capture inspector signature, Capability to function offline; syncs data when connectivity is restored, Application reengineered from older OData framework to cloud based Azure. Developed an easy to use iPad application for a leading Pharmaceuticals brand. Experion Technologies created wireframes and designs in the development of an MVP for a digital health care company. Users can access personal game history and add value to their playing card. In the maintenance stage that we are in now, we have a ticketing system in their portal and we can do all sorts of activities. Provision to view the details of dealers including their ratings and reviews. We plan to go through phases two and three of the project, and there’ no question that we’ll do it with Experion Technologies. The team put a lot of detail into their discovery phase and quotes, which impressed us. The application provides interactive information about the company’s products, which the sales representative can use for sales promotion and for educating doctors/ medical professionals. Our software is fully custom developed, and we needed to redesign the app based on current technologies. Experion Technologies developed a payroll management solution that allows the internal team to document their work hours. They were brought on to develop wireframes and designs that would help us visualize our goals. Despite this, Experion Technologies has remained flexible. We have built a partnership. No, not that I can think of. The project involved the development of web and mobile-based solutions. Experion developed a mobile application that enables pet owners to explore available veterinary care services & book appointments based on parameters such as specialty, location, and availability. The team has been building the claims management system as well as a couple of associated applications that are used by our field resources and the end-user policyholder. We have received iterations back from them that should be ready to go into production but instead have slight errors or don’t quite match the requirements that we felt were clear. The solution also does all of our job costing for our landscape and lawn care projects. Clutch verification provides an additional layer of data to help you make the right The original schedule had us finishing sooner. But, again, it's on us; we put a lot of pressure on them because we had other commitments. This an iOS (iPhone & iPad) application developed for a leading B2C marketing platform provider. “They are more than willing to go the extra mile to make our partnership work.”. This is a mobile first application that enables end users to book space for scheduling meetings and conference. The team has accomplished what other developers thought would be difficult. We focus on developing customer solutions and applications for our clients using the latest mobile, web, … They had both the economy of scale and skill set we wanted, so we hired them. Despite COVID, they’ve stayed on track. All of our commercial sales and technical service resources were carrying laptops, iPhones, and iPads at the same time. With about 1500 employees, the company services over 48 million passengers every year. The project comprises 15 sprints. I started with Manoj (Vice President), and I worked very closely with the project manager. Provision to manage the commissions of dealers using the web application. This mobile based solution provides end users an interface to access deals and promotions offered by various businesses. It has a PostgreSQL database and leverages Tableau for analytics. We are a collaboration of experts and leaders in the field of mental health, particularly digital mental health. Experion has been listed among the Top Software Developers by Clutch for 2018 and 2019. It’s being hosted by AWS. There were little things that we didn’t notice right away, probably because I didn’t spend enough time thinking through the details when we were testing. Multiple properties, seller, and buyer management, The application features an interactive and fully integrated trip planner, Provide ride scheduling and calendar functionalities, Allows access to a list of all modes of transport available in the specific direction, Displays details in a map view, highlighting all nearby bus stops. The project involved the development of native iOS and Android applications along with a web-based application for users to request laundry service in their area. Widgets for slow-moving items, mystery shopper inputs, competitor price information. In those situations, make sure you assign a strong project manager on your end to ensure that schedules and resources align. The team’s consistency and attention to detail make for strong project management. What challenge were you trying to address with Experion Technologies? This is a messaging platform developed for a healthcare technology company. The solution is built around the fitness tracking capabilities of mobile phones and a unique wearable device being developed by the client. We felt like they were an extended part of our team. Once completed, the user stories were deployed to app stores. The project involved re-engineering the client’s legacy store management system that had been in use for the past 3 decades. Experion Technologies provides high-quality work. We focus on patients that are often written off by medical professionals, hoping to give them the technology they need to live with less stress. The client is an Australia based company involved in Aquaculture and has 20+ years of expertise in the industry. One of their VPs and co-founders functioned as our main point of contact. This mobile based solution is developed for patients who underwent critical care at  major US hospitals . Experion Technologies named a ‘Top Development Partner’ by Clutch! The platform also allows owners to keep track of their pet’s grooming, vaccination schedule, etc. I flew out to India when we got the project rolling, so I was able to meet the whole team. What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement? The client, with over 30 years of experience is one of Australia’s premium retail solutions provider. Our work together began in February 2020, and it’s ongoing. My company uses an Infor SyteLine cloud-hosted ERP solution that came with an inadequate user portal. The adaptable, skilled team manages the project well, and they've fostered a strong partnership. Their outputs were proportional in quality to our team’s functional specs. Focus on the details when you’re going through the discovery phase. They maintain effective communication and provide project status updates. They are extremely good at communicating. They can check upcoming events, news and offers and access contact information & directions to locate the gaming facility. Their processes made it very easy to continue forward without delays. I greatly appreciated that because I always knew where I stood with them. The client has about 5000 employees spread out over its 21 branches worldwide (12 in Europe), with 5 production units present throughout the European Union. The client is one of the world's leading hospitality technology solutions provider. Experion Technologies developed a WordPress website and custom web app to help financial advisors compare their clients’ portfolios. We needed a partner who could meet our project goals. Due to the business intelligence tools they had incorporated in the product, we’re able to look into our sales and make some decision-making processes much easier. The portal is an important feature, since 98% of our orders come in through it. They completed and launched the portal and now provide ongoing support. The solution is designed to help cruise ship operators efficiently carry out any kind of inspection or audit onboard their vessels. The client is one of the leading fast food chains in Australia. Customers can expect an engaged and reliable offshore partner. Clutch Top Mobile App Developer 2016 Dallas – Here at Experion Technologies, we know it can be difficult for a new business to juggle efficient product development by keeping your operations as smooth as possible. Unlike others, they’re responsive and always available when we need help. The team uses project management tools. The mobile application replaces manual, paper-based processes and allows truck drivers to track load requirements and avoid driver/equipment conflicts. They want to make the app better. "The team has accomplished  what other developers thought would be difficult.". Listing of cars available in the 10km radius of customer location in the map using a proximity algorithm. The client is a leading public transport operator in Kuwait. The client is a technology start-up that offers a food marketplace. To develop the portal, we leveraged them for user experience, web development, QA and software testing, and more. They specialize in Remote Patient Monitoring and Tele-health services. We had begun a software build on a claims management system with another firm and quickly realized that they weren’t able to complete it. We’ve spent $150,000–$160,000 NZD (approximately $100,000–$107,000 USD). We’ve used Basecamp for project management, as well as another tool where we can see the description of each feature of the app. Recommended the best practices for using the methodology - GitFlow, production upgrade technologies, patch management, release methodologies, etc. The solution helps business users to create offers and end consumers can access the offers based on their location/ set preferences using the mobile app. The application acts as a virtual health coach, helps patients keep track of their medication and fitness goals. Users would be able to order food online from associated restaurants and it would delivered to them. This is a mobile based solution for bars, clubs and restaurants to screen customers based on age verification and store membership data. As part of their digital transformation strategy, the client introduced FieldMax®. They use the Atlassian toolkit to organize and deliver within sprints. Experion Technologies is working at a fast pace. The team has fluctuated over time, but on average there have been about 17–25 teammates working on the project. Overall, that wasn’t the norm. Additionally, from the onset, we pressured them quite heavily on what we needed without having a clear understanding of the project. The app also functions as a digitized product catalog and provides latest product information, images, videos and pricing details to users. The iPhone application gives enterprise users instant access to all their invoices while on the go. We decided Experion Technologies matched our needs best. If I wanted to make changes that were going to cost me more money, the team would always let me know beforehand and they would stick to it. With its expansive feature set FieldMax® was the only product which was able to align itself to the clients established internal processes seamlessly. "Their attention to detail and communication have been superb.". "Their project managers communicate effectively and properly set and maintain expectations.". The Group, which has 43 production facilities in total, has manufacturing activities in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and India.With a distributed sales team spread across different sales regions, the client was facing numerous challenges in managing its operations and improving efficiency. Experion Technologies is developing our custom software. They provided us with wireframes for various user personas that would be engaging with our platform. Experion Technologies came down to visit us in December 2018, and we engaged in the contract in January 2019. Based out of the United States, the client is a leading software provider for the worldwide cruise and travel industry. Using that, they can take the orders and if they want to collect the money from the customer, they can do that also. They hold very fast and tight to their process. I manage marketing and communications in the Americas and our enterprise mobile applications. The portal went live in February or March 2019, and all of our customers converted to it. The mobile app is used by security personnel to screen guests, by scanning magnetic strip or barcode in membership cards/ federal ID cards. They’ve gone above and beyond to understand our product and business, allowing them to inform our overall direction and development. They do maintenance and upgrades. The blockchain network was deployed as a separate system and connected using APIs for better scalability and run as a standalone system with full node crypto wallets. Read more Experion developed a web based connected solution for monitoring and analyzing various parameters (environmental/ biological) affecting Aqua farm production.

Cinnamon Meaning In Bengali, Lavender Super Shop Online, Akg K240 Vs Beyerdynamic Dt 880, Types Of Necklines, Kahiltna Glacier Altitude, Peppermint Tea Fertility, Blueberry Bush Diseases With Pictures, Substitute For Caraway Seeds, Anna Pavlova Biography,

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