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garmin index smart scale review

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Garmin Connect website: By looking at my weight before/after a long run on a hot day (which is every day between April and October), I could judge how well I hit hydration. I have had two of these scales, and both have stopped calculating anything other that weight after a couple of weeks. I want a smart scale to aid my weight loss and fitness improvement and as I have all Garmin products and like all the features the Index has it sounds like just what I want. The instructions are ABOMINABLE regarding adding another person. Still had the issue with second user being kicked off until gatmin fixed it at their end. I got no reply from gatmin apart from my unit was faulty and gatmin had none to replace. Specifications Dimensions: 12.6" x 12.2" x 1.1" (320 x 310 x 28 mm) Weight: 4.4 lbs (2.0kg) Battery Life: Up to 9 months And No Plans. Garmin Scale Review The simple bathroom scale that reveals the uncomfortable truth about your weight is getting a modern makeover. On #1, any chance your two year old in the process of trying to weight themselves selected you? Preferably one that measures bodyfat below 7% for those of us who are leaner? I’d love to track that better!!! It’s thus a great motivator when you look a charts for 5 weeks and realize not every day was a big meal. Now if your calorie information is not syncing, we do have troubleshooting steps for that. Hey, my weight page on Garmin Connect mobile app looks different from the one you have shown and I can’t find the options to add BMI records etc. Read about an update at the Garmin forum. Please investigate and add the below information to your review (to warn other unsuspecting users…). Use it every day. One button allows you to change between stones (weird British thing), pounds (weird American thing), and kilograms (everyone else on earth). I did – I have deleted that link and it seems to be working now, thanks. a great way to approximate body fat is taking a look at what definition you have. Save and go back and out. the scale connected as you described and it showed weight and BMI results in my Garmin connect but not the other metrics. I would instantly buy this scale if Garmin Connect wouldn’t stop third parties from using their API. Not surprisingly, my Edge 705 dies not get automatic weight updates. I tested this over the weekend. So, that’s a good sign. Additionally, you can also use Amazon to purchase the scale (though, no discount). Many Thumbs down and a big fail for this Garmin until they fix this. They didn’t have a timeframe for that, but I’ll circle back again and see if they can nail down one. But… One thing that’s killing me it’s the body fat% reading coming around 9% where it should read around 15%… In short is there a way to be an anonymous user? From the post and the other comments, I understand that the Scale only allows data to be uploaded via Wi-Fi. With myself and wife setup via my phone.So it recognises is both. Okay. B. Footing the bill to integrate to other companies’ websites cost more than the revenue generated by extra scales sold? We’re all on the same WiFi. Today I impersonated my wife on the scale – despite the fact it should be reading *my* body fat it reported her figure. I aim to leave no stone unturned. So apparently there is an issue with the Garmin Index and the synching/setup of data to Garmin Connect. (RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS has slowed me down a bit this year). Thanks, At $150, it costs the same as the top two scales in our ranking, the QardioBase and the Withings WS-50. I guess, if the product just works you don’t have the need to write in these forums. Well it’s not just that it doesn’t sync – as Kien suspected you don’t get those fields shown if you don’t connect a Garmin scale to your account, nor can you enter those fields manually (which is really dumb). Tried a different Router, changing the settings in the router with Garmin rep., Using a Devolo Access Point, using an AVM Access point, tried a AVM Repeater and even differnt rooms in the house. I have told so may People in the gym and at work to wait….but the question is, How Long???? Other companies just aren’t interested right now? Index Scale 2? Wanna save some cash and support the site? You'll support the site, and get ad-free DCR! In my case, I did not have issues on a final production unit. And my carpet isn’t overly thick. Next, if we click on the ‘weight’ option, we can dive deeper into the data and charts. Garmin for the past decade has done an amazing ($billion) job threading the product needles, from low end to high end, vertically and horizontally. Only a year late to this discussion. I assume this will get better with more data history for it to go on. shouldn’t they just sell stuff that works? It was a pain to pair it via Bluetooth the first time. The issue I find with the garmin is sometimes you got to weigh yourself twice as the first time it’s well off. Here’s a bunch of random trip reports and daily trip-logs that I’ve put together and posted. And why did Garmin decide not to allow sync via a phone using Bluetooth? Whether or not one wants to accept it, the reality is that WiFi router setups vary significantly, and the tiniest of things can cause any other devices problems. I guess, in this sense, my aging Withings scale actually works better than the Garmin one as it never fails to sync with MFP and will update my Garmin devices as often as I weigh in and sync them. You can also easily import your entire Garmin Index Scale history to SportTracks, where you can analyze your data season over season. They want to sell high end items with low tech ideas. I don’t do enough multiple weigh ins (maybe 3 or 4 times a year just to see a difference after a run) for this to be much of an issue, just wondering if this could be a solution. Thanks Ray and all. It’s likely just something silly that’s easy to fix, and more than likely has nothing to do with the scale itself. I think it’s important to acknowledge the problems some people have had, especially in the context of waiting 3 months for a satisfactory resolution. I didn’t expect complete accuracy but I wanted to use the scale to measure trends. Can anyone tell me if they have had any issues with this and if there is a simple fix. Sorry to inform you, but does have an Athlete mode. Based on your review and recommendations about staying in the same device ecosystem, we’re leaning towards the Garmin Index. It appears that almost all setup/configuration troubles folks have had were in the first few weeks of the product. Oh, and you can sign-up for the newsletter here! Many other scales send those readings to the app but don't show them on the display, and I like that the Garmin scale does. Christopher. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Garmin Index Smart Scale at I tried to weigh myself before and after a workout indoors bland and I had these parameters … is not normal! Do you have to do that each time your weigh in? Hi Ray, Make sure is not near things like microwaves or other equipment that puts out interference. As Fenix users, we were able to setup the scale practically without reading the instructions! ekutter-the simple answer is to stay in the Garmin ecosystem. As I noted, sometimes it works…and sometimes not. You state that the ability for data syncing with 3rd parties is already in place and have noted (correctly I think) that the lack or sync is a deal breaker for many. Get a Withings instead, that records every time you step on the scale and offers loads of ways to get your data too. Looking at my last few garmin buys: 4. It’s sorta the same reason I long stopped giving ratings to products. Why are scales the only device that require a PhD in programming to set up via wifi? When you step on the scale, your weight appears first. The connections to Garmin, Fitbit, and Strava are API based. Select 3rd Party Apps There are at least 3 ways to set up your scales to your router, the easiest is with your phone and the scales sat next to the router. In its new avatar, the humble bathroom scale has become both smart and aesthetically pleasing. Thanks for all of your behind the scenes hard work. Here’s how: I’ve seen in the past is that while these metrics may not be absolutely accurate, November I wrote about all of the WiFi scale options on the market, click here to Subscribe without commenting. Then hit up Wiggle at the link below! Very strange. If you lack at least one of those things, I really can’t help you. My guess is that I might get less problems with the sync if I didn’t turned off wifi? I am not a tech person and was just looking for a wifi scale to cut out the middle man with logging data. I don’t buy a fitness gadget without reading what you say about it first! So if you are dedicated enough to log this every single day, the $30 scale is just as good, and maybe better because you are paying more attention to the data. The scale comes in a box not unlike most other scale boxes. I stepped on, and it miraculously took all my measurements and synced them! So, if you found what you read here useful, consider using the links on the side to support the site. you said “In case you’re wondering, the scale can only remember one WiFi network at a time. While Garmin has a long (and mixed) history of scale integration with 3rd parties via ANT+ scales, this is actually the first scale they’ve made themselves. Disconnect from garmin mobile, reboot the iphone than login to garmin mobile…. Beyond that, there is no magic to these scales. Back in the November/December timeframe I noticed that my weight started being correct on my devices. My GarminConnect says that version 2.50 has been available for a while now, and my scale has been on 2.40 since I set it up about a month ago (i just checked the scale by doing the battery in/out move described by Mario K here. PCMag, and PC Magazine are among the federally registered trademarks of Ziff Davis, LLC and may not be used by third parties without explicit permission. Additionally, my Omron scale puts me at roughly double what the garmin says. This needs to be said and People need to be aware of the Problems with the Index. I’ve had a similar experience with the withings WS50 on carpet. If you have the app talking to Apple Health then it sends your Body Fat% to Apple Health as… no, not Body Fat%, but BMI. Simple. Using a toggle on the underside of the scale, you can easily change between pounds, kilograms, and stones. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone currently. I haven’t had any issues with any other product and my house is an IoT inferno. Just got an email from Garmin…finally multi weight ins for the day! Also had problems with a Dropcam (Nest Cam) too. Then wanted to reset it to change my level because the %fat was too low, and I gave up. The only time it ever works consistently is when I use some type of range extender. I’m from out of the country and will be visiting the US, what’s the best triathlon shop in city XYZ? With a Withings scale, at least, you can go to the Withings web site/app and see every measurement, but so far as I know, Garmin Connect only ever shows you the last one of the day. In this case, the smart scale market has basically been the preserve of Withings and Fitbit for the last few years. Thanks. Ray, it appears that the BMI, bodyfat % and muscle mass only appears if you use the Garmin scale? Rolling with a splash of ocd , I received one of these today and it did successfully sync to MFP immediately. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I personaly step on the scale when I get out of bed in the mornings. It is a server side problem, acknowledged by Garmin on their support forum. Once that’s done it’ll come back to you with additional metrics. If the FR235 didn’t have so many issues especially given its price tag, I’d be more interested in that rather than the tomtom. I use both the index scale and myfitnesspal and can tell you for certain that garmin has sent them my weight intermitently for a total of 15 separate days since I got my scale on Jan 12. Ray,i am heavily leaning towards getting a TomTom spark cardio. But it was, as a number of folks in that thread on the 2nd page note it was working. MyFitnessPal sync was totally broken the first month after launch and it was “fixed” shortly after the returned the scale but as Ray says it is still intermittent. Now after replacing the battery its permanently stuck in setup. If I am lucky enough to get the scale to sync without spending 10 minutes measuring and Re-measuring myself, then a new problem exists…. I suggest reading your own thread there bud. Sync problems seem to be a bad NTP server from Garmin, but they just don’t care. first is waste of money second waste of time. Select Disconnect from MyFitnessPal (small print at the bottom of the page) BTW this isn’t isnt attack at you whatsoever. My % body fat (24.9%) seems very high compared to my relatively low BMI (20). With a lack of confidence in withings – now Nokia, what scale would you suggest for a new purchaser? The scale doesn’t much care about the source of the WiFi, as long as it’s not like a hotel/Starbucks style and requires a login page (which your phone hotspot wouldn’t). For 2 months since I bought the scale I was at 11.5-12.5% body fat. Well, because it needs to validate that before giving you other body metrics. It came with S/W 2.70. Quick question, Garmin connect allows manual input of weight only. I follow the instructions to the letter until they end. Garmin support haven’t been that helpful – inconsistently telling me it’s a “known issue” that they can’t help with now or telling me to switch it on and off again… There is very little feedback from Garmin over whether they think this is an issue with the hardware, the wifi, or with Garmin Connect (although experiences of swapping out scales and trying different wifi suggests the latter). I’ve been eyeing this since it was announced, but am unconvinced even though I’m pretty much 100% Garmin Connect. This may or may not be the first time someone has thrown a wrench at you for pressing their buttons. The new Garmin Index scale is one of the more complete scales on the scene, with both Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity built in. The lack of reliable integration with other sites would also be a deal breaker for me. c. Kanex portable travel Access Point. Technically MFP is now a competitor to Garmin, no?? I like the scale and ability to record data in Garmin Connect. Initial setup and syncing didn't go smoothly in my testing, although the data did reliably show up in the app once the kinks ironed themselves out. In addition to the basic weight-BMI-body fat measuring I’m also interested in the bone and muscle mass measuring capability. No indication. For example, your weight data. Thanks for the quick response Ray. THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO SUBSCRIBE NOW / Drop a comment below I hope you enjoyed this review of the Garmin Index Smart Scale! Which isn’t a slight on the Garmin scale itself – again, it works just fine. Pretty much making any kind of weight trend useless. Yet on Garmin Connect it shows my weight and goal weight only with no other stats. Bought one today 4APR19 in the USA. Exactly, especially for those living in hot/humid environments. There might be an easer way, but since all content is online, there is no real penalty of the re-install.

Marinade For Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Subaru Impreza 2000 Turbo For Sale, Why Is My Poinsettia Turning Yellow, Google Logo Svg, Operations Manager Skills Resume, Flax Seeds In Tulu, Write Steps Transition Words, Pioneer 12,000 Btu Mini Split Installation Manual,

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